Thank you to all my clients for your comments

I was Tracy's first client 10 years ago.  I was going thru a divorce and needed my entire home purged and organized.  She even alphabetized all my music cd's.  I still think of her everyday when I open my closet or go in my garage.  I needed Tracy during a stressful time and her help still affects my life today 

Noel J. Guillama

 President Quantum Innovations, Inc. Wellington FL

Thank goodness for Tracy! We were introduced back in 2013 after I had recently relocated to Florida and was desperately attempting to get my condo easy feat for this highly creative boss babe artist/entrepreneur! I had too much stuff and not enough room. I couldn't keep things straight and organized if my life depended on it. It's almost impossible to focus on your goals when you're living amongst chaos but then, along came Tracy who, helped me get crystal clear on my surroundings! 

Since then, Tracy has helped with two moves. When we sold our home, Tracy and I went through everything, drawer by drawer, room by room, space by space so that the only things that went into our storage unit were the things we needed and not only that, everything is organized and ready to go in it's new place. She handled every detail.

I'd be lost with out this woman who is not only fun to have around, but makes the tedious chore of organizing seem like fun! There's nothing more freeing than knowing exactly where everything is and living a clutter free life and so every few months Tracy arrives to keep me on track. This makes my husband very happy! This woman is a Godsend! 

Susie Sheftel

Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant

Feeling overwhelmed? I was...Tracy visited and we formulated a plan to clean up my craft room.  Tracy has been involved  with our family for 17 years.  She is trustworthy, reliable and has a gift of order.  Some of us can't see beyond the clutter to organize!  She is your "Genie from the magic lamp!"  You won't be disappointed!!!

Deb Carter 

I recently hired Tracy to help my 8 year old daughter organize her room.  Tracy was amazing.  She let my daughter make all the choices and gently guided her decisions. The results where amazing.  We donated numerous toys and clothes.   Two months later, my daughters room looks as good as the day Tracy left!!

Francine Nelson

Co-Founder Patriot Games, Inc.

We had decades of stuff overflowing into the garage, under the stairs and into all kinds of places I can't even remember.  Now, its all been identified.  Some of it is going to our church.  Some to Goodwill and some being sold.  We finally realized we didn't need seven sets of dinner and salad plates.   How did we collect so much stuff?! Thanks to Tracy we don't have to walk sideways to get out of the house any longer.  She works like a tornado.  I've never seen such an organized and hard working person in my life!

J.Gerry Purdy, Ph.D.

Author & Mobile Analyst 

Tracy has helped my family so much. She not only is an amazing organizer but her passion to help with ideas to implement systems is fantastic. She helped me getting my family involved as well. We recently downsized and relocated back to the area from another state. I needed Tracy because I felt overwhelmed and alone in the process. Every encounter I have with her I come away feeling like I made progress and empowered. Tracy’s help and support has been extremely beneficial to my household but beyond that she is helping me be the wife and mother I am meant to be. I have not known her long but bonded quickly and trust her. I highly recommend Tracy.

April O'Conner